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  [2018] 1. Ji Hye Park, Joo-Young Na, Bong Woo Lee, Kyung-moo Yang, Young Shik Choi
  Poster :      Date : 18-12-26 13:09     Hit : 70    
  Publication; issue :  2018 Year  42 Vol  4 iss  111 p
   (313.5K), Down : 21, 2018-12-26 13:09:37

A Statistical Analysis on Forensic Autopsies Performed in Korea in 2017
Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:111-125

Forensic Medicine Division, National Forensic Service Gwangju Institute, Jangseong, Korea, Biomedical Research Institute and Emergency Medical Center, Chonnam National University Hospital, Gwangju, Korea, National Forensic Service Seoul Institute, Seoul, Korea, Medical Examiner’s Office, National Forensic Service, Wonju, Korea, National Forensic Service, Wonju, Korea

E-mail: pdrdream@gmail.com

Statistical analysis was performed on national forensic autopsy data collected in the Republic of Korea, with the exception of Ulsan, during 2017. A total of 8,777 cases were categorized based on the region; information was provided by the Police Agency and the Coast Guard regarding sex, age, manner of death, and cause of death. Analysis of the manner of death revealed that 3,971 cases (45.2%) were unnatural deaths, 3,679 cases (41.9%) were natural deaths, and 1,127 cases (12.8%) were unknown deaths. Among the unnatural deaths, the majority of the cases (1,740 cases, 43.8%) were accidents, 1,316 cases (33.1%) were suicide, 385 cases (9.7%) were homicide, and 530 cases (13.3%) were undetermined deaths. Among the unnatural deaths, the majority of the cases (1,575 cases, 39.7%) were trauma, followed by 793 cases (20.0%) of poisoning and 689 cases (17.4%) of asphyxia. Falling down was the major cause of death by trauma (737 cases, 46.8%). As a result of the classification of asphyxia based on previous study, strangulation was the major cause, with 538 cases (78.1%). Among the natural deaths, heart disease was the major cause (1,790 cases, 48.7%), followed by vascular disease (697 cases, 18.9%).

Key Words: Autopsy; Cause of death; Statistical data interpretation; Korea

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