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2012 (1) 10. Hu Guo Piao, Ukhee Chung, Shang Eon Shin, Kwang Soo Ko, …

DNA- Based Identification of Necrophagous Fly Species Using Abdominal-B (Abd-B) Homeobox Sequence

Korean J Leg Med. 2012 May;36(1):74-84. Korean.


1997 (1) 9. Jong-Tae Park, Young-Jik Lee

Pathophysiologic Mechanism of the Cardiac Failure in the Subacute Diffuse Myocarditis associated with Granulomatous Myocarditis.

Korean J Leg Med. 1997 May;21(1):87-96. Korean.


2009 (2) 12. Hye Yeon Kim, Byoung Su Jang, Ai Hua Zhang, Seung Bum Se…
Species Specificity of a Commercial AmpFℓSTR® MiniFilerTM PCR Amplification Kit
Korean J Leg Med. 2009 Nov;33(2):153-158. Korean.
2009 (2) 11. Hye Young Lee, Seung Bum Seo, Ai Hua Zhang, Jina Yi, Hye…
Experience on Sequencing of Mitochondrial DNA from 1200 Year Old Bone Using Cloning
Korean J Leg Med. 2009 Nov;33(2):147-152. Korean.
2007 (2) 5. Myung Jin Park, Hwan Young Lee, Na Young Kim, Jeong Eun S…
Genetic characteristics of 22 Y-STR loci in Koreans
Kor J Legal Med 2007 Nov;31(2):162-70.
2007 (1) 11. Ju Bin Oh, Eun Jeung Cha, Jeong Woo Park, Ik Jo Chung, Y…
A Study of Weight Ratio of Lung to the Spleen for the Diagnostic Index of Drowning
Kor J Legal Med 2007 May;31(1):72-7.
2009 (2) 9. Minjung Kim, Sujin Jeong, Eunseok Choi, Hongil Ha, Han-Yo…
Death After Accidental Injection of Tranexamic Acid During Spinal Anesthesia
Korean J Leg Med. 2009 Nov;33(2):139-142. English.
2009 (2) 3. Hyoung-Joong Kim, Yu-Hoon Kim, Soong Deok Lee, Seong Ho Y…
Analysis of Clavicular Periosteal Hemorrhages at the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle Origin in Hanging
Korean J Leg Med. 2009 Nov;33(2):116-121. English.
2009 (2) 4. Jeong-woo Park, Cheol-ho Choi, Joon-ho Lee, Whee-yeol Cho…
A Shotgun Injury with Billiard Ball Ricochet Effect: A Case Report
Korean J Leg Med. 2009 Nov;33(2):122-125. Korean.
2009 (1) 15. AiHua Zhang, Seung Bum Seo, Jina Yi, Hye Young Lee, Hye …
Efficiency of Quantification using QuantifilerTM Human DNA Kit in 60 Year Old Bone
Kor J Legal Med 2009 May;33(1):79-83.
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