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2017 (3) 2. You-jin Won, Jeong-woo Park, Seung-gyu Choi, Nahyun Aum, …

The Statistical Analysis on the Postmortem Inspection Cases of National Forensic Service Seoul Institute in 2016

Korean J Leg Med 2017;41:67-72

2017 (3) 1. Sung-Hee Yoon, Ran Kim, Choong-Sik Lee
Analysis of Death Certificate Errors of a University Hospital Emergency Room

Korean J Leg Med 2017;41:61-66

2017 (2) 6. Minju Lee, Sang Bum Lim, Hye Jeong Kim, Sohyung Park, Hon…

Fatal Delayed Hemothorax after Simple Rib Fracture
Korean J Leg Med 2017;41:56-59

2017 (2) 5. Joo-Young Na

Delayed Death Due to Aortic Laceration after Chest Blunt Trauma: An Autopsy Case
Korean J Leg Med 2017;41:51-55

2017 (2) 4. Ji Hye Park, Young Seok Lee, Yeon-Ho Oh, Se-Min Oh, Hyeon…

Spontaneous Hepatic Rupture in a Pregnant Woman with Preeclampsia: An Autopsy Case
Korean J Leg Med 2017;41:46-50

2017 (2) 3. Sohee Cho, Ji Hyun Lee, Chong Jai Kim, Moon Young Kim, Ku…

SNP-Based Fetal DNA Detection in Maternal Serum Using the HID-Ion AmpliSeqTM Identity Panel
Korean J Leg Med 2017;41:41-45

2017 (2) 2. Yoon Geon Kim, Ji Hyun Lee, Sohee Cho, Moon Young Kim, So…

Asian Ethnic Group Classification Model Using Data Mining
Korean J Leg Med 2017;41:32-40

2017 (2) 1. Hee Jin Seo, Sohee Cho, Ji Hyun Lee, Sung Hee Lyoo, Moon-…

Forensic DNA Phenotyping: A Review in Korean Perspective
Korean J Leg Med 2017;41:23-31

2017 (1) 4. Dong Ja Kim

Pregnancy-Related Acute Myocardial Infarction: A Case Report
Korean J Leg Med 2017;41:20-22

2017 (1) 3. Hyo-Su Lim, Ye-Eun Song, Eun-Bi Lee, Sang-Yoon Lee, Young…

Revealing Weapon Impacts on Clothes Using Reaction Reagents for Amino Acids
Korean J Leg Med 2017;41:12-19

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