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2017 (1) 2. Hye-Mi Jeon, Jae-Woo Jeon, So-Yeun Kim, Kyung-Hwa Jung, S…

An Assessment of Radiological Age Estimation Method Using Mandibular First Molars in Korean Adults
Korean J Leg Med 2017;41:7-11

2017 (1) 1. Jeong-woo Park, Soo-kyung Lee, Woong-jae Yun, Jong-pil Pa…

The Statistical Analysis on the Postmortem Inspection Cases of National Forensic Service Seoul Institute in 2015
Korean J Leg Med 2017;41:1-6

2016 (3) 5. Moon-Young Kim, Sunmi Bak, Sohyung Park, Minsung Choi, So…

Pneumocystis jirovecii Pneumonia with Granulomatous Reaction in the Lung and the Liver Discovered at Autopsy
Korean J Leg Med 2016;40:88-92

2016 (3) 4. So-Woon Kim, Young-Man Lee, Kyounghong Lee, Jong-Shin Pa…

An Unexpected Death Related to Accidental Gasoline Inhalation
Korean J Leg Med 2016;40:83-87

2016 (3) 3. Ji Hyun Lee, Boram Kim, Sohee Cho, Hee Jin Seo, Soong …

Factors Affecting DNA Yields from Serum and Plasma Samples Used for Personal Identification Testing
Korean J Leg Med 2016;40:78-82

2016 (3) 2. Woo-Young Choi, Hye-Jeong Kim, Joo-Young Na, Su-Jin Le…

Analysis of Death due to Poisoning in Gwangju and Jeollanam-do Areas
Korean J Leg Med 2016;40:72-77

2016 (3) 1. Kyung-moo Yang, Bong-woo Lee, Jeong-woo Park, Sookyung Le…

The Predictive Ratios of Intoxicated Deaths by Police's Death Scene Investigation and Doctor's Death Certificates in South Korea
Korean J Leg Med 2016;40:65-71

2016 (2) 6. Taehwa Baek, Minjung Kim Chang-Seok Ki, Seong Hwan Park, …

Sudden Aortic Rupture in EhlersDanlos Syndrome Type IV
Korean J Leg Med 2016;40:61-64

2016 (2) 5. Joo-Young Na, Ji-Hye Park, Suk-Hoon Ham, Hyung-Seok Kim…

A Comparative Study of Postmortem Bacterial Culture and Identification Methods
Korean J Leg Med 2016;40:55-60

2016 (2) 4. Moon-Young Kim, Sohee Cho, Sung Hee Lyoo, Ji Hyun Lee, He…

Looking Back at Our 5-Year Experience of Paternity Testing: A Summary
Korean J Leg Med 2016;40:48-54

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