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2018 (2) 4. Hye-Mi Jeon, Seok-Min Jang, Kyung-Hee Kim, So-Yeun Kim, K…

Age Estimation Based on Pulp Chamber Size of Mandibular First Molars from Intraoral Periapical Radiographs in Korean

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:56-61

2018 (2) 3. Youn Shin Kim

Forensic Application of Behavioral Evidence Analysis

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:44-55

2018 (2) 2. Ji Hye Park, Joo-Young Na, Bo Young Lee, Song Hee Song

Study for Lists of Forensic Autopsy Request: Quantitative Analysis about Documents Relating to Autopsy Request

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:39-43

2018 (2) 1. Gi Yeong Huh, Eui Yong Kim

Forensic Review of Hot Bath-Related Death in the Elderly: Focused on Japanese Studies

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:33-38

2018 (1) 4. Moon-Young Kim, Inho Kang, Minsung Choi, Sohyung Park, So…

Sudden Cardiac Death due to Coronary Fibromuscular Dysplasia: Case Report and Literature Review

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:26-32

2018 (1) 3. Jinhyuk Choi, Ji Yeun Kim, Hari Jang, Kwangsoo Ko, Seong …

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage with Subdural Hematoma due to Ruptured De Novo Aneurysm after Aneurysmal Clipping via Pterional Approach: An Autopsy Case

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:22-25

2018 (1) 2. Ji Hye Park, Joo-Young Na, Bong Woo Lee, Young Shik Choi

A Statistical Analysis on Forensic Autopsies Performed in Korea in 2016

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:8-21

2018 (1) 1. Taek Chung, Sohyung Park, Hye-Jeong Kim, Kyoungmoo Yang, …

Pediatric Deaths and Venipuncture

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:1-7

2017 (4) 9. Binnari Kim, Sohyung Park, Hongil Ha

Neonate Deaths in the Toilets

Korean J Leg Med 2017;41:145-149

2017 (4) 8. Jeong-Hwa Kwon, Misun Choi, Hongil Ha, Sohyung Park

Maternal Death due to Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy

Korean J Leg Med 2017;40:141-144

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