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2020 (2) 2. Moon-Young Kim, Harin Cheong, Hyung-Seok Kim, The Working…

Proposal of the Autopsy Guideline for Infectious Diseases: Preparation for the Post-COVID-19 Era

Korean J Leg Med 2020;44:54-75

2020 (2) 1. Joo-Young Na, Sang Jae Noh, Min Sung Choi, Jong-Pil Park

Standard Operating Procedure for Postmortem Inspection in a Focus on Coronavirus Disease-19: The Korean Society for Legal Medicine

Korean J Leg Med 2020;44:49-53

2020 (1) 8. Dong Ja Kim, SangHan Lee

Gastromalacia (Postmortem Gastric Perforation): Two Cases Reports

Korean J Leg Med 2020;44:45-47

2020 (1) 7. Yonghan Jung, Seonjung Jang, Hyejin Park, Sookyoung Lee

Unusual Suicide with Chainsaw: An Autopsy Case Report

Korean J Leg Med 2020;44:41-44

2020 (1) 6. Gi Yeong Huh

Lung Pathology in Septic Shock with Leukopenia

Korean J Leg Med 2020;44:37-40

2020 (1) 5. Dae Yoil Kim, SangHan Lee

Unusual Suicide Cases of Asphyxiation by Ligature within the Vehicle

Korean J Leg Med 2020;44:31-36

2020 (1) 4. Jong-Pil Park, Tak Su Lee, Minsung Choi, Kyung-moo Yang, …

Usefulness of Near-infrared Spectroscopy for Diagnosis of Traumatic Intracranial Hemorrhage in Postmortem Inspection

Korean J Leg Med 2020;44:24-30

2020 (1) 3. Jong-Pil Park, Bon Young Koo, Nak-Won Lee

Usefulness of Mast Cell Tryptase Analysis for Postmortem Diagnosis of Anaphylactic Shock

Korean J Leg Med 2020;44:17-23

2020 (1) 2. Youn Shin Kim, Tae Eun Kim

A Study on the Death Certificates and the Warrant of Seizure in Relation to the Death Certification System

Korean J Leg Med 2020;44:7-16

2020 (1) 1. Tae Myung Choo, Young-Shik Choi

Defining and Explaining Serial Murders in the United States

Korean J Leg Med 2020;44:1-6

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