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2018 (4) 3. Byung-Yoon Roh, Jeong-Uk Seo, Chang-Gyum Kim, Chang-Un Ch…

The Application of Paewinsky et al.’s Age Estimation Method to Periapical Radiographs

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:141-145

2018 (4) 2. Joo-Young Na, Jong-Tae Park

Analysis of the Absorbance Pattern of Postmortem Blood Sample Using Spectrometer

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:126-140

2018 (4) 1. Ji Hye Park, Joo-Young Na, Bong Woo Lee, Kyung-moo Yang, …

A Statistical Analysis on Forensic Autopsies Performed in Korea in 2017
Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:111-125

2018 (3) 5. Jong-Pil Park, Seung-Gyu Choi, Sang-Seob Lee, Won-Joon Le…

Radiocarbon Dating of Skeletal Remains: Case Report

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:105-109

2018 (3) 4. Gyuheon Choi, Hongil Ha, Sohyung Park

Fatal Pulmonary Thromboembolism Caused by Popliteal Vein Aneurysm

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:102-104

2018 (3) 3. Joo-Young Na, Jung-Joon Kim, Jong-Tae Park

A Fatal Intracerebral Hemorrhage due to Chronic Methamphetamine Use

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:98-101

2018 (3) 2. Moon-Young Kim, Jang Han Kim, Min Jee Park, Soong Deok Le…

Acute Myocardial Infarction due to Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy: An Autopsy Report

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:92-97

2018 (3) 1. Youn Shin Kim, Tae Eun Kim

Review of Legislation and Regulations Governing Postmortem Inspection and Death Certification

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:77-91

2018 (2) 6. Jin Woo Joo, Minjung Kim, Min Jee Park, Hongil Ha

Various Forms of Fatal Nicotine Intoxications: Three Cases Report

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:71-75

2018 (2) 5. Keunsoo Ham, Ki Pyeong Kim, Hojin Jeong, Seong Ho Yoo

The Assessment of Eyewitness Memory Using Electroencephalogram: Application of Machine Learning Algorithm

Korean J Leg Med 2018;42:62-70

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